Maria Dolores Picot and Kerstin Spath

Women and the Future of the Digital Economy in Asia

This paper investigates how women in Asia are affected by digitalization and automation and explores feminist perspectives on the digital economy.


Technological innovation, digitalization and automation form the core of the developments changing the future of work and disrupting the way people live and work in many ways. At the same time, the digital divides and skills gaps are determining how successfully individuals can cope with the new challenges.

Picot, Maria Dolores; Spath, Kerstin. Women and the future of the digital economy in Asia : Decent work for all? / Maria Dolores Picot and Kerstin Spath. - Singapore : Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Office for Regional Cooperation in Asia, 2020. - IX, 25 Seiten = 4,3 MB PDF-File. -
Electronic ed.: Singapore : FES, 2020

(c) Kailin Huang



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