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Women and the Future of Care Work in Asia

This study analyses care and welfare policies and its impact on women in Asia.


In debates on the future of work, care work surfaces as one of the main areas of interest. Care workers are expected to face increasing vulnerability. At present, care work is unrecognized and undervalued. This paper focuses on the care economy  offering narratives on the region’s situation and policies and concludes with thought-provoking recommendations.

The study is part of the regional FES project "Women and the Future of Work in Asia".

Anna Julia Fiedler. Women and the Future of Care Work in Asia - Singapore : Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Office for Regional Cooperation in Asia, 2020. - X, 20 Seiten = 1,3 MB PDF-File.

  • by Kailin Huang



Fiedler, Anna Julia

Women and the future of care work in Asia

Singapore, 2020

Download publication (1,3 MB PDF-File)

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