Tuesday, 16.10.18 to Wednesday, 17.10.18 - Jakarta, Indonesia

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Digitalization & Work 4.0 – A Right to Training

How can we skill and empower the workforce in the throes of ongoing changes in the labour market? This question will be the leitmotif of an upcoming regional FES conference in Jakarta.

Design by FES Indonesia.

The conference is part of the work of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) in Asia to foster debates and strategies on sustainably shaping today's and tomorrow's economy and to provide a platform for innovative and socially just ideas and approaches—with a focus on the workforce. The upcoming conference will bring together political decision-makers, economists and representatives of employees (and trade union members) and employers from more than 10 countries across Asia, including China, Indonesia, the Republic of Korea, the Philippines and Viet Nam. A representative from the German Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs will share his insights. Indonesian Minister of Manpower Hanif Dhakiri will highlight the Indonesian case in his opening speech. 

The conference discussions will revolve around the many facets of technology-driven change—from intelligent manufacturing to automation and robotization and the rapid expansion of the platform economy. Following up on last year`s fruitful event that looked at the implications of the digital economy for employment in the region, the focus this year will be the impact of technology-driven change on labour markets and employment conditions.

Many analysts and observers praise the fourth industrial revolution as a chance to create new employment while many others fear the opposite. It is essential to shift the debate to how labour force changes will affect people—the employees and workers of today and tomorrow—to ensure a socially just transition. Chief among the concerns is the education sector, including skills training and the re-skilling of young and older workers. The conference will include a field trip to a vocational training centre. 

FES Indonesia is organizing the two-day conference, which will take place in Jakarta.

Contact details:

Paula Boks, Junior Expert, FES Indonesia 

For more details on the work of FES in Asia on the economy of tomorrow, click here. For information on the work of FES in Indonesia, visit the country office website and follow the Facebook fan page for daily updates.   

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