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Gender and the Future of Work in Thailand

The study serves as a starting point for further analysis and discussion about women and the future of work in Thailand.

This paper is part of the regional project "Women and the future of work in Asia".

In Thailand too, the world of work is changing fast. Issues of technological innovation, green growth, ageing society, migrant labor and policy responses, like the “20 Years National Strategy and the Thailand 4.0 strategy” are widely debated. FES contributes to the public discourse with research and policy recommendations.


Kosaikanont, Romyen
Gender and the future of work in Thailand / Romyen Kosaikanont. - Bangkok : Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Thailand Office, October 2019. - VIII, 9 Seiten = 460 KB, PDF-File. -
Electronic ed.: Bangkok : FES, 2019

Kosaikanont, Romyen

Gender and the future of work in Thailand

Bangkok, 2019

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