Farzana Nawaz | #FutureWork4All | Gender and Social Justice

Feminist Perspectives on the Future of Work in Bangladesh

The study serves as a starting point for further analysis and discussion about women and the future of work in Bangladesh.

With insights from distinguished researchers in nine Asian countries, FES and its partners aim to further promote gender equality in the world of work, with emphasis on enhancing women’s participation in public and political life and promoting decent work for all along with gender-just and human-centric economic models. This study is part of the regional project "Women and the future of work in Asia" and explores how women in Bangladesh are affected by trends and development of the future of work.


Nawaz, Farzana
Feminist perspective on the future of work in Bangladesh / Farzana Nawaz. - Dhaka : Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Bangladesh Office, October 2019. - 13 Seiten = 530 KB, PDF-File. -
Electronic ed.: Dhaka : FES, 2019

Nawaz, Farzana

Feminist perspective on the future of work in Bangladesh

Dhaka, 2019

Download publication (530 KB, PDF-File)

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